The camp is razed to the ground. Felicien films the remains.

a film by Jean-Frédéric de Hasque inserted in the book : After the camps. Après les camps. Traces, mémoires et mutations des camps de réfugies, JF de Hasque et C. Lecadet (dir.)
produced by  Rien à Voir
2017 - 17 minutes

Blue and pixelated images, trees, the road. It shows poles that held the electrical wires that still exist in some places. It shows the main alley, the only part that is not eaten by the vegetation.

This filmed essay is the continuation of a first documentary film I devoted to the Togolese refugee camp of Agamé in 2010, "The Camp". In the years that followed I had the opportunity to see some of them again, and to follow the evolution of the camp to learn its destruction. It was filmed by one of the characters in the movie "The Camp" called Félicien. It is in Cotonou, that one day he presents to me the images of the destroyed camp which he filmed with his cellular phone. I was in regular contact with him and it is therefore without much surprise that I learn the sad end of the camp of Agamé, he delivered me as other refugees, characters from the movie "The Camp", early signs by e-mail or texting.

camera & directing — J-F de Hasque
producer J-F de Hasque
editing — J-F de Hasque & F.Fichefet

After the camps. Traces, mémoires et mutations des camps de réfugies. PDF
After the camps. JRAI review by Jonathan Benthall

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