the camp

a film by Jean-Frédéric de Hasque

produced by Michigan Films, CBA, Rien à Voir
2012 - 90 minutes

The refugees live and settle like normal inhabitants. It's strange, surprising when you find out, and yet it has become the habit in all "long-term" camps. Man adapts... Through the daily life of the "residents" of the Agamé camp, the happy or unhappy deeds of this mini-society, we discover what has no name yet, a zone, perhaps the future towns and villages on the borders of rich countries. There are dozens of these potential cities in today's world, which parks and allows life to develop behind fences, in tents. The secular, the historic, give way to the transitory and the precarious.

camera & directing — Jean-Frédéric de Hasque
producer — Bruno Tracq, Javier Packer Comyn
editing — Frédéric Fichefet



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