Jean-Frédéric de Hasque

film maker 

Brussels born filmaker (1970, Belgium) he studied fine arts, photography, video at ERG.
Professor of Photography and Video from 2003 to 2008. He studied anthropology at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium, 2012).
In 2013, he started a thesis in anthropology (UCLouvain) using the camera to collect material for writing and scientific analysis on Lions Club in West Africa and make a documentary film “ THE LIONS” (FNRS 2017). Since then, he has multiplied his contacts and collaborations  with artists & social sciences’ s researchers  (UCLouvain, CNRS, U Hasselt, ASC Leyden, Florida University, Gaston Berger Univ).  

He completed a postdoctoral research "A community beyond the state, analysis of the advent of an " African political global ". The main objective : To describe a model of supranational governance in Africa from a private association. This research is also filmed (FNRS 2021).

He’s an  invited lecturer at UCLouvain (Belgium) and part time professor for Photography at ENSAV La Cambre. 

He’s one the founder of Rien à Voir production (understand it as “nothin to see”) a Brussels based belgian production company.
Since 1997 Rien à voir produces and conceptualises audiovisual works. The Board was made up of several artists and researchers who made films there, such as Severine Lagneau, Joffrey Becker, Peter Snowdon, Fabrizio Terranova, Bruno Tracq.
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